Machinery Used In Tissue Paper Making

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Tissue paper is a wiping material manufactured using paper pulp extracted from trees. Wider machinery is involved in making tissue papers. The tissue paper machine is multifunctional, following different steps from tissue paper-making to packaging.

Tissue paper-making machinery is almost identical to different brands with different models, affecting efficiency. Tissue paper making is a proper procedure performed by a machine by initially having paper pulp, water, chemicals, and bleach.

Components of tissue paper-making machine

Tissue paper production machinery consists of the following;

· Pulping machine

· Refining machine

· Mixing section

· Pressing

· Yankee cylinder

· Rolling on reels

· Rewinder section

· Cutting section

· Packaging machine

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The material used by tissue-making machinery

Tissue paper-making machinery uses the same basic material for making different kinds of tissue paper, such as kitchen tissue rolls, toilet papers, and facial tissue papers produced from the same basic material, wood pulp.

· Wood pulp

· Depending upon the coloring, the manufacturer will also use dye.

· Recycled fibers for making reels to wind tissues on them

· Packaging material

How does machinery work?

Tissue paper production is a simple procedure that follows different steps and is totally machine based under the controlled environment of the industry.

1. Mixing of wood pulp with water

In the very first step, the pulping machine mixes the softwood and hardwood pulp with water to make the material for the input of the tissue-making machine. The crushed wood pulp is mixed with a massive amount of water to make the pulp softer.

2. Homogenization

After mixing in the pulping machine to homogenize soft and hardwood pulp water, the mixed pulp is added to the agitator to mix them well. This step will make the fine solid material for tissue production.

3. Pressing and sheet formation

The fine homogenized material is then added to the head box of a bigger section of the tissue production machine. The headbox will remove the maximum amount of water from the material. The drained material was then attached to the red colored sheet for further drying.

4. Moisture sucking in vacuum chamber

The drained sheet is added to the vacuum chamber for final drainage or drying, where all the remaining moisture is sucked. The dried sheet is further dried by the heating section of the machine, which gives tissues the final dried form.

5. Heat drying by Yankee cylinder

Finally, the paper pulp is heat dried by the steam drying cylinder and gets its final dried form. Then the properly dried tissue paper sheet is further preceded by the technical procedure.

6. Winding of tissues on reels

The final tissue sheets are then sent toward the winding section, winded onto the bigger reels, and transferred to the rewinding section for double or triple-ply tissue formation.

7. Cutting and packaging

The cutting machine then cuts these bigger reels into small tissue rolls, which are packaged for shipping.

The specified machinery follows the basic and simple procedure for manufacturing high-quality facial, kitchen, and toilet tissues from the same pulpy material.

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