What Happens If You Use Paper Towels as Toilet Paper?

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Paper towels, as the name shows also manufactured from paper pulp taken from trees. It is composed of cellulose fibers because it is a mixture of hardwood and softwood mixed with water to make pulp able to be molded into the structure of a paper towel.

Paper towels and toilet paper are two different things with many similarities, and people use them alternatively. But their alternative use may affect the environment negatively and also the economy. Paper towels are softer than toilet paper because conditioner is additionally added while making them.

What is the difference between the paper towel and toilet paper

Paper towels and toilet paper are almost identical in appearance, but their usage and the material used to manufacture them are different. You can get Toilet Paper Machine from our website.

Difference of usage

Paper towel is used to wipe the nose, hands, and face but toilet tissue, as the name shows, is used for the toilet only. Toilet tissues are majorly used in the washing area of the restroom, so they are also named restroom tissue paper.

Differences in raw material

Paper towels are manufactured from harder and softer wood pulp, while toilet tissues are also from recycled fibers such as missed tissue rolls or juice cartons.

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Difference of packaging

Their packaging is also different as toilet tissues are always packed in the form of rolls, while paper towels are packed both in rolls and majorly in folding and boxes.

Effects of using a paper towel as toilet paper

However, most people use a paper towel and toilet tissues alternatively. The alternative use of paper towels negatively affects your toilet such as;

1. Clogging

Using paper towels instead of toilet tissue is not preferred because it can clog your toilet badly. Paper towels are thick and made of cellulose fiber, so they are not easily dissolvable in water, which clogs the toilet.

Toilet papers are easy to flush because they are easily degraded in water after a few seconds.

2. Paper towel is not eco-friendly

Paper towels absorb water much more than toilet tissues, so they are abundantly used. However, its abundant use is dangerous for our toilets and negatively affects the environment.

It is costly from production to disposal because paper towel production needs lots of water and energy, and disposal needs the same energy for its degradation. Also, its disposal release lots of carbon dioxide into the environment.

3. Paper towel production needs lots of fibers.

Using paper towels instead of toilet paper is okay for the skin because the paper towel is softer and more absorbing than toilet paper. However, their production, usage, and disposal are costly and dangerous for the environment.

The production unit will cut more trees for more fibers when we use more paper towels to fulfill the public's demand.

4. Paper towel disposal is a problem.

Toilet paper is easily degradable, so you can flush it easily. Butt paper towels contain thick and strong fibers that cannot dissolve and degrade easily.

Hence using a paper towel instead of toilet paper would cause many environmental and domestic problems.

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