How to Make Napkin Paper

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Napkin paper is earlier than tissue paper but with almost the same use. However, the machinery used for napkin production differs because of the different raw materials. Napkin paper machine manufacture napkin paper with different functionality than tissue paper machines.

A napkin is made up of cloth and anciently used in place of tissue paper for serving the meal. But nowadays, the napkin is used along with tissues depending on usage and serving. A napkin is comparatively small in size and always in folded form. They are used to clean the face and hands after a meal.

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Composition of napkin paper

Napkin paper comprises various components, such as wrapping paper, core paper and jumbo reels.

It is majorly composed of the following;

· Fluff paper gives napkins a softer appearance and makes them soothing for the face.

· A minute percentage of superabsorbent makes them highly usable.

· A little amount of adhesive is used to stick the fibers of the napkin while it's forming.

· Few releases paper and a proper amount of polyethylene and polypropylene.

How is napkin paper manufactured?

A napkin paper-making machine follows a very basic procedure for manufacturing napkin papers. The manufacturing of napkin paper is somewhat different from tissue paper manufacturing in the following way,

1. Preparation of pulp

The first basic step is the formation of paper pulp by simply mixing the wood pulp with fiber. Water is added to the mixture to make the final paper stock. The paper pulp is finally made by pouring the paper stock on the mesh.

2. Cleaning

After preparing the pulp, bleach removes all kinds of extra fibers and other contaminants from the mixture. Cleaning is necessary because extra fibers make difficult the final structure formation of the final napkin.

3. Dying and pressing

After bleaching, the paper pulp is cleaned using a massive amount of water, and after that, if you want to design colored napkins, add dye. The dyed napkins or colorless cleaned napkins are then pressed to drain the maximum amount of water.

4. Drying by steam heating cylinder

Napkin manufacturing machines have a major part in steam drying, removing the moisture from the final product. Dried napkins are then processed for further shaping depending upon the demanding sizes of the consumers.

5. Cutting

When long sheets of napkins are manufactured, a fine blade is used to cut the paper demanding thickness for different sizes and shapes. The final shaped napkins are then processed further for the preparation of shipping.

6. Packaging

After the final formation, napkins are properly packed to save them from damage or stain. As napkins are pieces of clothing, so are at great risk of getting dirty. That's why they are packed in high-quality plastic bags.

After packaging, packets of napkin paper from the production unit are shipped to the market.

Categories of napkin paper

Napkin categories depend upon your creativity, but majorly it is classified depending upon its size, such as;

· Cocktail napkins

· Lunch napkins

· Dinner napkins

· Bistro napkins

· Silverware napkins

· Snack napkins

Napkin paper machine follows four to five basic steps to produce better quality napkin papers.

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