How to operate automatic N fold hand towel paper machine

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(一) The use of equipment:

XY-BT-288 Full-automatic three-folding towel paper machine is a kind of new model life toilet paper equipment. The production principle of this machine is as follows: cutting raw paper and formed by crossing folding N type in hinged type rectangle folding, and ready to be packed in the box. When one piece is drawn out, another will appear out off the box, which achieves convenient, sanitary nice results. 


This equipment is composed of raw paper laying roll unit with speed adjustment, vacuum absorbing unit, width fixed separate cutting unit, length shearing unit, folding forming unit, automatic accounting , electrical center control unit and so on.

(三)Production principle

Laying rolldrawing cuttingShearingFoldingPressed out

Counting for separate folding

                               . Operation Manual

a. Check the following items before you start up:

(1) Three phases voltage, one phase voltage

(2) The frequency converter of the main motor is controlled at“0”position.

b. Start up procedure:

Start up the air compressor first, and then start up the vacuum pump, lastly the motor with frequency converter.

c. Operation principles:

(1) Put the paper roll at center, adjust the device of laying roll position.

(2)Leading paper procedure: pass roller--glue roller--separate cutting

roller--pass roller --up and down cutter  rollers.

(3) Laying roller of raw paper: change the turning valve of top press cylinder, leer cylinder pushes up the support of synchronous belt until the direct pressing transmission belt presses the paper roll. Wireless soeed changer can adjust the line speed of synchronous belt.  (Note: it'll not be adjusted in normal production usually.)

4) Vertical separate cutting (width fixed position separate cutting): turn on separate cutting” switch of small electrical control cabinet ,that is to say the separate cutting is occurred at adjusting cutter support of driven cutter: The space of driving cutter is adjusted by left and right thread of drive cuter roller.

 (5) Horizontal separate cutting (length separate cutting): turn on “the controller button of main motor” that is to say out face shearing through turning up and down rollers.

 .   Big space adjustment of up and down cutters: adjust left and right eccentric bearing seats of up and down cuter rollers .

.    Small space adjustment of up and down cutters: change the thickness of the cutter gasket.

(6) Folding and forming: running as the main motor, the bent arm unit of folding manipulator takes concerted action. Adjusted under considering of swing angle, position of adjustable bent arm and changing length of connection bar (It is unnecessary to adjust as soon as the folding and forming is fixed.)

(7) Counting the separate folding: adjust the calculated figure of the counting controller. When the value reaches, the relay acts with the cylinder to displace the outlet plate of the finished products.


. Installation and maintenance

a. Installation notes

(1)The horizontal deviation of axial of cutter roller is3mm/m.

(2) The bolts and nuts must be totally tightened.

(3) The air compressor should be installed at a place with less dust.

(4) The electrical control cabinet should be installed at a dry place avoiding sunlight.

(5) Earth cable.

(6) Try running

The basic principles and service methods of this equipment must be understood first.

Check the following items before you start up the machine.

i Check cleanliness and installation of whole machine.

ii Check wire connections and circuits.

iii Check the tension of convey belts whether they are at standard position.

iv Check load situation under running by hand.

v Check the running direction of running width whether it is right.

b. Maintenance:

(1) The muff roller chain should be lubricated with 20# machinery oils every 20 working hours.

(2) The gear surface needs adding grease every 300 working hours (Winter:Na base; Summer: Ca base)

(3) In special situation, the machine is stopped for long time. The nylon belt of pressing paper roll can be loosening to release tension. But it should be kept in plain without deviation. Lubricate a little oil on cutter edges to prevent to de rusted.

Service and maintenance of Air pump

Service and maintenance:

1.This pump should be installed at plain and stable place with clean, dry, vent, and environment.

2.The running direction of air pump impeller must be as same as the arrow direction marked on the shell of fan.

3.Because this pumps parts have no direct friction except for two bearings of motor rotor, it’s unnecessary to lubricate at normal time but XGB-6Gtype air pump It only needs to do routine maintenance and add grease at both bearings just like normal electrical motors (No.3 AIMoS2 base grease or 7018 high speed grease). For XGB-6G type air pump, it needs adding oil at fixed time, usually once a week. If an air pump runs in shift work, the times of adding oil should be increased accordingly.

4.The filters at both sides of inlet and outlet and the silencer should be cleaned act to the real site situation in order to avoid being plugged and influence normal service.

5.For connection at inlet of outlet of the air pump, flexible hoses, such as rubber hose, plastics spring hose, must be adopted.

6.Changing bearing:

Firstly, tighten the screw on pump shell. Then disassemble part-by-part act to the order shown in drawing. The disassembled parts should be cleaned before they are reassembled act to the reversal order. When disassembling parts, the impeller will be pull out by special tools instead of being prized hard on it. At the same time, the adjust gasket will not be forgot in case it will influence the adjusted space when it leaves the plant. Before changing bearings, you must clean the new bearings first, and dry the new bearings and put on No.3 AIMoS2 base grease or 7018 high speed grease. If a customer has difficulties about operation, the pump should be sent to the manufacturer for maintenance. Don’t disassemble it carelessly as you like.







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