Low Price Small Toilet Roll Paper Machine Production Line
Low Price Small Toilet Roll Paper Machine Production Line
Low Price Small Toilet Roll Paper Machine Production Line
Low Price Small Toilet Roll Paper Machine Production Line
Low Price Small Toilet Roll Paper Machine Production Line
Low Price Small Toilet Roll Paper Machine Production Line
Low Price Small Toilet Roll Paper Machine Production Line
Low Price Small Toilet Roll Paper Machine Production Line
Low Price Small Toilet Roll Paper Machine Production Line
Low Price Small Toilet Roll Paper Machine Production Line
Low Price Small Toilet Roll Paper Machine Production Line
Low Price Small Toilet Roll Paper Machine Production Line

Low Price Small Toilet Roll Paper Machine Production Line

This production line consists of Fully Automatic Rewinding Machine, automatic band saw machine and bundle packing machine. From the jumbo roll into the finished rolls, the whole line work smoothly and run stable, saving the labor cost and reducing the labor strength. It’s best choice for the producing hygienic paper products.

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Low Price Small Toilet Roll Paper Machine Production Line XY-TQ-A-C

Technical performance characteristic:

This production line consist of fully Automatic Rewinding Machine, manual band saw cutting machine, semi automatic plastic bags sealing and toilet paper core machine machine. From the jumbo roll into the finished rolls, it is lower cost machine to start toielt paepr.

Semi automatic toilet paper machine production line.jpg

XY-TQ-B Automatic toilet paper rewinding machine

Automatic toilet paper rewinding machine is for toilet paper roll processing. Machine have core feeding unit, can do both with and without core. Raw material from jumbo roll after full embossing or edge embossing, then perforation, end cutting and spray the tail glue become a log. Then it can working with cutting machine and packing machine to become the finished products. The machine is controlled by PLC, people operate it through touch screen, the whole process is automatic, easy  to operate, lower the man cost. And Our machine can special-made according to clients' requirements.  
Function and Features:

1. Automatic core feeding system, automatic log pusher after rewinding, then rewinding the new log again.
2. Automatic edge-trimming, core feeding, glue spraying and sealing synchronously in one time. Leaving 10-18mm tail, easy to rewind again, so reducing shortcut waste and save the cost.
3. Adopts international advanced PLC programmable controlling technique, man-machine interface operation, data set and parametric fault shows on touch screen.
4. Adopts 4 pieces high Precision spiral knives, low noise, clear perforation, adopt gearbox to have bigger range.
5. Three horizontal type back stands, pneumatic loading system, with wide driving flat belts; each jumbo roll can be adjusted independently.
6. Embossment Unit: adopt point to point embossing rollers, making the two layers match well, the paper is soft and has clear patterns
7. Adopt jogging switches for wearing the paper, easy and safe to operate.

Automatic Core Feeding Toilet Tissue Paper Making Machine.jpg

Main Technical Parameters:

The width of jumbo roll1200-2800 mm
The diameter of jumbo roll1200 mm(Other size can be specified)

Jumbo roll inner core diameter


Finish product diameter


Finish product Inner core diameter


Perforation distance

4 anvil Blades 90-150mm;2 anvil Blades 180-300mm
Speed180-230 m/min
Embossing deviceSteel to rubber

Pneumatic system

3HP Air Compressor, Minimum Pressure: 5kg/cm 2PaProvide by user

Rewinding Unit

With core or coreless

Semi automatic toilet paper band saw cutting machine

Functions and features

This machine is the equipment for cutting paper.The main function is to cut the rewinded big toilet paper into various kinds of standard small rolls.

The machine is compose with stander , saw blade drive, adjustment, tension , saw blade grind, operation table and hand table. It is enjoy compact structure, stable running and convenient operation .

Manual small toilet roll paper cutting machine.jpg

Main technology parameter:

Speed30-40 cuts/min
Cutting diameter70-250 mm
Cutting length60-250 mm
Power2.2Kw 380V 50Hz
Overall size

1600x600x1800 mm

Weight200 kg

Semi automatic toilet paper packing machine

This Machine are designed with digital dual temperature control, suitable for various kind of seal and cut applications and high performance, external packing for Facial Tissue, Toilet Paper Roll, Kitchen Towel, Napkins Paper etc. simple and easy seal and cut in one time.


1. Machine are the pioneer to use mini PLC and screen adjustable temperature range ensure fast efficient and accurate seal and cut operation.

2. Water cooled and dual temperature digital control design allows perfect seal and cut, equipped with heat press label for product production date.

3. Dual digital temperature control enable damage to heat thread, protection tape and air cylinders, big save for downtime and running cost.

4. Machine operation width 490mm, and different thickness of bags can be seal and cut easily by adjusting the temperature control to achieve rapid steady operation and not disturbed by room temperature difference at all times.


Machine specification


10-20 bags/minute

Width of Flat Seal Thread


Max sealing width

49 cm

Diameter of Round Thread



Nickel Chrome Thread


1.5KW (220V 50HZ)

Air compressor

0.3-0.5mpa (provided by customer)

Dimension (L×W×H)


XY-SD-A Automatic toilet paper core machine

Roll core machine is for making the paper core inside the toilet paper roll. It consists of three parts: raw material stand, glue unit, rewinding and cutting unit. It can make

different thickness and different diameter paper core by changing the mould. This

machine easy to operate, running stable, can work with toilet paper rewinding


Functions and features:

1. Inverter control to ensure the accuracy of the length of paper tube2. Automated online on plastic, paper tube and cut off

3. Product diameter and length can be customized according to customer needs

4. Products are widely used in toilet paper. Plastic and textile industry

5. The machine has reasonable design. operation simple and convenient maintenance

Automatic toilet roll core machine price.jpg

Main Technical Parameters:

Speed15-20 m/min
Diameter of paper core25-100 mm
Thickness of paper core2-30 plys
The width of kraft paper50-70 mm

Paper grams amount

150-400 gsm

Power4.5Kw 380V 50Hz

Our service

Why buy Machine from Fujian Xinyun Machinery Development Co.,Ltd ?
1. Good quality of machine with reasonable price.
2. Good service: Any question from customer will be reply within 24 hours
For all the machines we sell, we will offer two-years guarantee for free and all life maintenance.
We deliver a DVD of Operation Video with machine,it will help customer to work the machine easy.
After the machines arrive, the sellers shall send technician to install the production line(if need). And the buyer shall pay their round-trip air tickets from China factory to buyer's factory, the charge of visa, food ,transportations and accommodation in buyer's city.



Our company

Fujian Xinyun Machinery Development Co.,Ltd is good at Paper Converting Machinery Manufacture.

Professional supplier of:
1) Toilet Paper Machine (1.2m--2.8m width of parent roll, Customize Service)

2) Roll Kitchen Paper Towel Machine (1.2m--2.8m width of parent roll, Customize Service)

3) Facial Tissue Machine (2-8 output lanes)

4 )Napkin Paper machine(L-fold, 1/4-fold, 1/6-fold, 1/8-fold and other multi-fold type)

5) Hand Towel Paper Machine(C-fold, V-fold and N/Z fold type)

6) Pocket Tissue Machine(mini and standard size)

7) All kinds of Tissue Paper Cutting and Packing Machine

8) Another Household Paper Equipments and Production Line.

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We can design the machine according to your request.

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