What's the Difference Between Toilet Paper Machine and Facial Tissue Machine ?

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Is there a difference between tissue paper and toilet paper?

Facial tissue and toilet paper is basically the same thing, a disposable wiper made from paper pulp. Toilet paper is designed to dissolve quickly in water so that it will not clog pipes or damage septic systems and municipal sewer processing machinery. Facial tissue is manufactured in a way that makes the surface smoother than toilet paper which gives a softer feel to the paper. Facial tissue also often contains lotions, perfumes, and other softeners to make the tissue feel better when used to blow or wipe noses. Facial tissue does not dissolve in water as rapidly as toilet paper and should not be flushed.

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Difference between toilet paper machine and facial tissue machine

The working principles of these two machines are different. The toilet paper roll is a product that is rewinded, punched, embossed, sealed and other processes through an automatic toilet paper rewinder, and then re-rolled into a long strip of toilet paper, cut by a paper cutter, and bagged and packaged. 

The facial tissue folding machine takes the slitted paper (usually the width of jumbo rolls is 400mm to 1500mm) to the machine, and after the folding part, the paper in the rear paper rack passes through the front folding roller, and the reel paper on the front paper rack passes through the rear folding roller. Inside, the paper towels are cut and cut into a state of one by one due to vacuum adsorption. At the same time, the paper towels are also cut on the surface. After coming out of the folding machine, the finished paper is folded and cut.

The model and number of machines used for toilet paper and facial tissue are also different. The toilet paper machine consists of three pieces of equipment: a fully automatic rewinder, a paper cutter and a packaging machine, all of which are indispensable to process the roll paper we saw in the supermarket. Facial tissue machines can be increased or decreased according to individual circumstances. If you want to make bulk paper and boxed paper used in public places such as restaurants, one facial tissue folding machine is enough to meet your needs. If you want to process plastic soft bag paper, you can add a packaging machine.

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