What Is the Difference Between Toilet Paper and Face Tissues?

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Many people think that facial tissues and toilet paper are the same, but in fact, they are quite different. Even if they are all qualified products, the hygienic standards formulated by the state are also very different.

Bacterial content is different

Facial tissue directly touches the face, and the hygienic requirements are very strict. The state stipulates that the bacterial content per gram of facial tissue should not exceed 200 units;

The requirements for toilet paper are relatively loose, and the bacteria content per gram of toilet paper is not higher than 600 units, which is considered qualified;

That is to say, toilet paper contains three times as much bacteria as facial tissue, so if you use toilet paper to wipe your face, it may get dirtier the more you wipe it!

face tissue

Paper pulp is different

Here I want to explain to you that the virgin wood pulp and pure wood pulp we see when we buy paper towels are not the same concepts!

100% virgin wood pulp means that the wood pulp used in papermaking is all new raw materials. According to national health standards, facial tissue must use virgin wood pulp, so you must not buy "pure wood pulp facial tissue" on the market.

Recycled materials are allowed in pure wood pulp. The toilet paper made of recycled materials meets the national hygiene standards. Waste paper other than household paper, medical paper and packaging paper can be processed into toilet paper. Do you still dare to wipe your mouth with toilet paper?

 toilet paper

Fluorescent whitening agent requirements are different

Fluorescent whitening agents are familiar to everyone. In order to make clothes wash cleaner, this substance is often contained in laundry detergent and washing powder. The state allows it to be added to daily necessities that do not come into direct contact with the human body.

Facial tissue should be in contact with people's faces. According to regulations, it must not contain migratory fluorescent whitening agents. Qualified facial tissue can be used with confidence and will not damage the skin.

However, the hygienic standards have no clear requirements on whether toilet paper contains migratory fluorescent whitening agents, and how much content there is. Those who are used to wiping their faces with toilet paper should pay attention.

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