Is Yellow Toilet Paper Better?

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We use toilet paper in our daily life. Toilet paper seems to be inconspicuous items, but it will directly contact our skin. If the quality of toilet paper is not good or there are some problems, it will easily affect our health. So when buying toilet paper, everyone must be more careful.

When buying toilet paper, many friends think that yellow toilet paper will be more healthy and more hygienic. They think that yellow toilet paper has no bleach and is safer. The salesperson told the truth: some yellow toilet paper actually uses bleach. Even if bleach has not been used, it does not necessarily mean that the yellow one is safe. When you buy toilet paper, don't be confused by the color, you must pay more attention to the following 5 points!

①It depends on the brand of toilet paper

It is not to say that the toilet paper of big brands is necessarily good, but big brands will have more guarantees in terms of the production process and product quality inspection.

The reputation of big brands will be greater, and the brand will not make fun of its own reputation, so when making toilet paper, it will pay more attention to this issue, and the requirements for product quality will be stricter.

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②It depends on the raw material of toilet paper

Generally speaking, there are two main raw materials for toilet paper on the market, one is virgin wood pulp and the other is pure wood pulp.

Virgin wood pulp uses new wood raw materials, while pure wood pulp may be made from recycled wood pulp or paper products.

If the toilet paper you buy is in direct contact with the skin, it is recommended that you choose toilet paper made of virgin wood pulp, which will be safer and softer.

③Pay attention to the touch of toilet paper

When choosing toilet paper, you can touch it with your hands to feel the touch and softness of the toilet paper. It is recommended that you try to choose soft and delicate toilet paper. If you feel particularly rough to touch it, don't buy it.

④Toughness of toilet paper

When buying toilet paper, you can also use the method of pulling to see the toughness of the toilet paper, which can also reflect the quality of the toilet paper.

⑤ Uniformity of toilet paper

If we put a piece of toilet paper under the light of a flashlight, it feels particularly uniform, which means that the quality of the toilet paper is better.

However, if some parts of the toilet paper are found to be thick and some parts are thinner during irradiation, it means that more bleaching powder and impurities were added during production, and the quality of such toilet paper is not good enough.

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