What are the main differences between toilet paper and a napkin paper machine?

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Toilet paper making and Napkin Paper Machines have so many similarities that it is easy to confuse them when buying. However, when starting your business, you must go with the right one according to the product type you are looking to produce. 

Top 7 differences between toilet paper and napkin paper machine.

Here are the top 7 differences between a toilet paper and napkin paper machine that set these two apart.

1. The structural difference in the final product

The first difference between these two machines is the structural difference in the final product. While the toilet paper machine is designed to produce tissue paper rolls as a final product, the napkin machine cuts individual napkins and stacks them to be packed as the final product.

2. No need for paper core in production

A paper core is a necessary item required by the tissue paper machine since it must roll the tissue paper on a solid part, and a paper core makes just the right choice. So, that machine cannot operate without a paper code. However, there are no such requirements for the napkin machine since it only needs the raw material.

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3. Different sizes

The range of sizes of napkins you can produce with your napkin paper machine is limitless. You just need to give the right commands, and the machine will give you the right size. However, that is not the case with toilet paper machines since the product must meet specific size requirements; otherwise, it won't be effective.

4. Pattern vs. Plain

Embossing patterns and cuts on tissue paper are essential for toilet paper manufacturing machines since it makes using the product much easier. On the other hand, there are no such requirements for the napkin manufacturing machine. It directly cuts napkins, and they are ready for packaging.

5. Color printing

Napkin machines often need color printing capabilities to make the napkins more attractive, which is not the case with tissue paper manufacturing machines.

6. Packaging

Regarding packaging, things are a bit difficult for the tissue machines. It is because they are produced as rolls, and each one must be packed individually. The napkin machine stacks napkins and counts until it moves to the next stack. It can also convey the stacks to the packing section, providing a convenient packing experience.

7. Production speed

The tissue rolls machine is much better regarding production speed since it can produce around 230 units in a minute, while a napkin machine can only produce 120 units in a minute. However, these are not solid figures since the machine supports speed adjustment meaning you can increase or decrease the production figures.

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Learn more about the technical stuff regarding napkin paper machine

Napkin Paper Machine does a similar job as a toilet paper manufacturing machine, but some subtle differences change the final product. So, if you are looking for the right napkin paper manufacturing machine, leave any of your queries and questions for our experts to get the best information.


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