How to operate automatic small toilet paper band saw cutting machine

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Model   No. XY-AI-400

Automatic Toilet Paper Band Saw Cutting Machine

Operation  Notice

Please check  wire connection  are correct  before operation.

After power (ON) select to manual mode

Main screen


Manual screen


(1)After enter  manual mode , press operate (Brand saw ) check if convey are running at correct movement direction,if not ,please reconnect   wire.


 Enter to parameter and set  require figure


Parameter setting

1End cut: allowable end  cut length

Example: If produce length are 140MM then the end cut should read 0. If Exceed 140MM then the setting should read  as(-) to be the require end cut length.

2First cut adjust :the detect sensor are located  at the front (near the saw blade ),Normally it had been set to 80MM distance ,the distance will effect the first cut length according.

3Full load :when the sensor detected full load the operation will auto stop, and return to normal after flow return to normal.

4Cut speed :normal operate, the last cut speed .

3.When main screen mode, please check saw blade  sensor are normal(light on)


After complete step 1-3 pls make sure (reset) on the screen is (green) and No alarm signal. Press  start to operate machine.

Manual feature

1. Manual operate  

If during  operate machine stop due  flow block  pls use manual mode to reverse  operate  do not  use  manpower  to  reverse  products ,this could cause  damage to motors.

 2. cut parameter

Speed parameter are reset  to(0)  when fast forward  are  press to start.

How to solve alarm

1. PLC alarm

Please check connect wire are correct and well connected.

2.When press cut start or stop the platform  will still operate

Please check the return to position sensor  are in operate (signal light on) and plc 485 wire are well connected.


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