What Is the Difference Between Facial Tissue and Serviettes?

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Facial tissue machine produce facial tissues, which are different from serviettes. Both are used for the same cleaning purposes, but there are many differences in appearance, texture, and, most importantly, usage. Facial tissues are soft and sensitive in use.

Serviettes are mostly used to clean messy surfaces. They are different from facial tissues in texture but are soft enough to clean the face after having a meal. It is mostly on the dining table to avoid any food stains. It could be used as napkins or a face-cleaning soft fabric in the dining area.

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Difference between facial tissue and serviettes

The differences between facial tissue and serviettes that discriminate their special use are below.

· Difference in texture

The texture is one of the major differences between facial tissue and serviettes. Facial tissues from facial tissue machine are manufactured using strong but soft material. The manufacturing ingredients made them soft enough to be used on the face. It is also smooth enough to be used comfortably on the face.

While serviettes are made up of different materials, which make them somewhat stiff or rough, the rough surface of serviettes will make it able to whip out the dirty surfaces by applying less force.

· Differences in cleaning surfaces

Another major difference between the product of facial tissue machines and serviettes is of purpose for which they are prepared. No doubt their basic purpose is cleaning, but their texture discriminates their cleaning surfaces.

Facial tissues are purposely made for facial cleaning because of their softness and smoothness. While serviettes, because of their hard and rough surface made up for cleaning messy surfaces such as tables, clothes, and shelves.

Therefore, facial tissues are used only for wiping, but serviettes are used for whipping and rubbing.

· The difference in absorbing capacity

Facial tissues manufactured from facial tissue machines and serviettes are used for cleaning or whipping. There is a major difference in their dirt-catching and water-absorbing capacity.

Tissue papers are mostly manufactured in more than one layer, so they can easily absorb water from any surface or face but are deficient in catching dirt from dirty surfaces.

Serviettes could also absorb water because they are thicker in appearance but have less absorbing capacity than tissue paper. It is because it is in a single layer, but its rough surface makes it able to catch more dirt and clean messy surfaces.

· The difference in designing and packaging

Facial tissues are designed differently when manufactured from tissue paper machines and packaged in beautiful boxes. Their beautiful packaging lets them place anywhere to be used at any time at home.

Rather than facial tissues, serviettes are mostly used to keep in the kitchen and, most importantly, on the dining table. Its packaging is simple, so it is placed in the dining by removing it and placing it separately along with every plate.

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