Semi automatic kitchen towel paper machine



Semi automatic kitchen towel paper machine 



Function and Features:

1. This machine is consist of stand of raw material, paper conveying unit, embossing unit, spraying unit, perforating unit, reeling unit, electricity control and cutting system.

2. The production process: unreeling→embossing→gluing→perforating→reeling→cutting

3. The finished product is neat, in good order and with equality tension, compact structure.

4. Adopting screw turning knife to cut, knife-blade is strong enough to operate fast without noise and shaking.

5. Equip with single color print unit or double color print unit.(need to order)

Main technical parameter:


1. Production speed: 65-110m/min

2. Power of equipment:4kw-10kw (380V 50Hz)

3. Maximum diameter of rewinding : 300mm

4. Overall size(mm):6520x3500x1500(LxWxH)

5. Weight : About 2.8T


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