Automatic Kitchen Towel Paper Production Line



Full Automatic KitchenTowel Paper Production Line 


System Description:

Automatic toilet paper packing production line 

are specifically for single-particle packaging design, From rewinding,

 cutting and packaging is divided into three steps completed,

 Composed of three independent devices: 

Automatic High-speed Rewinding and Perforated toilet paper machine, 

Big convolution cutting paper machine, Single roll toilet paper packaging machine.

 the Long paper roll of rewinding machine that automatic enter the feed tailstock 

of Big convolution cutting paper machine, cutter inside the machine is separated

 into its length we need, then sent from the discharger, 

After the paper roll sent by the cutting machine 

automatically feed through into the packaging host tailstock,

Molding from the Fixed sacks device, then sealing and cutting, 

inserted corner when port sealing, After the film packaging can also fit web. 

After the film packaging it can more fit paper roll.

System Specifications:

Size of paper roll (MM)

Diameter≥100-200,Length 85-225

Speed of packaging(Rolls/minute)


Speed of line(M/minute)



 Automatic High-speed Rewinding and Perforated kitchen towel paper machine

(raw material 1.75M,but can accept customer's requests )

(1)Automatically Perforated the jumbo rolls, rewinding to Long paper roll.

(2)Automatically enter the Long paper roll to the feed frame 

of Big convolution cutting paper machine.

(3)Equipped with automatic alarm to indicate filling up of core pipe. 

The machine will be automatically stopped when there is no core pipes.

2. XY-AI-280 Automatic Roll Paper Cutting Machine

(1)Divided into single and dual-channel, Diameter for different paper machines, models vary.

(2)Cutting frequency drive, cutting the length of any set

(3)Speed of 80-120 cut / min


3. XY-AI-398  Full automatic multi- roll paper packaging machine

This machine use plastic  film Roll  to pack toilet paper rolls. 

It can 4/6/ 8 rolls in one bag, 10 rolls in one bag and 12 rolls in one bag.

More details ,please

 vist the video link in youtube.


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